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How to Apply Fake Under Eye Lashes with Individual False Lashes

If you've ever wondered how you can apply some natural looking fake under eyelashes like those supermodels who wear them so effortlessly , then this blog might pique your interest. 

Although there are two kinds of lower eye falsies - Strip & Individual,  today, I'm going to discuss the individual kind, because it looks terrific on everyone and  anyone can get away with them on - at anywhere, any time, from the most conservative boardrooms to the raunchiest whorehouses, this is one skill worth learning.

Scroll down this page if you would like to watch my "How to Apply Fake Lower Lash Tutorial" on Youtube.  :)

(I'm not wearing false lower lashes on the left photo - and Yay for Beauty Shot option - no pores!! Luv my Samsung PL120 xoxo)

  Individual fake lower lashes are trickier to learn in the beginning because it's so incredibly time consuming to master. But really, it's all in the wrist movement, my beauties.  Once you get it, you got it and it will take you literally 30 secs to get them on in the morning, so have patience! It's well worth the struggle to learn.   But first, lets go over some ground rules.

 In the following photo, *MY* right eye is done comically wrong (I was  quite appalled and horrified at what I had done when I saw myself rofl  -- but I refuse to redo it just for a photo..pfft..), but left eye is fine.   Life is so funny, in my late teens and early 20s, this is when I was completely self absorbed, I would never have even  considered posting  a photo that made me look like I had applied my makeup in a drunken stupar.....

This  is what happened: I was filming for Youtube and was too busy trying to look cute AND the closest damn mirror was 5 yards away because I had to sit REAL close to the camera - like, look up the nose close distance for the eye shot..  Do you know how SMALL mini lashes are?

It's a freaking miracle that I didn't stab myself in the eye and go completely blind and stupid, seriously - maybe I could have even sued Youtube then! haha  ......Watch and sub me <3!

I used a total of 6 individual lashes on each eye, look how natural that ONE eyeball looks (because I finally woke up and grabbed a friggin' hand mirror during filming so I could finally SEE - hallelujah!) muahhaha  hehehehe! ^_^

Anyways, the rules:

Photo without false under eyelashes
1)  Finish your makeup first - lower lashes always goes on last.  This includes mascara too, because you will not apply mascara to false lower lashes, this is one area where you do not want caked on makeup - If you want more drama, then you can apply it to the root area with a light hand.

Please do not apply mascara to the lower lashes (I know I'm being redundant here, but I've seen too many people ruining a perfectly good lash application with mascara), it might turn into ugly spider leg lashes if you don't know what you're doing!.. *shudder*

2) Always try to apply the fake lashes right under your natural lashes, or right next to one. This looks more natural then sticking them on top.

   On a shoot, a paying job, you can get all picky and technical by lifting the lower lash hair with a Q-tip and apply it one - -- -- by  - -- -------- - one.  This is acceptable. Why?  Because you're getting paid to be damn perfect, and you better BE perfect.  However, at home...C'mon guys, no need to make a huge fuss out of it - it's only lashes, not heart surgery.  Just slap it on.

 But of course I just told you how you CAN get crazy picky, just use a Q tip to lift the lashes up (I dont like tweezer's near the eyes because accidents CAN happen, y'know..).

3) If you fuck up, and you want to *fix* it,  DO NOT apply  makeup remover to remove the false lashes.  Instead, use an oil based lotion on a Q-tip and gently rub the glue/lash off. Afterwards, gently remove that lotion off with some water, so that it doesn't disrupt your makeup/primer/glue formulation.  If you had applied a remover, chances are that your glue and makeup will wear off sooner from the chemical residue from the makeup remover...

4)  It's easier when you allow the glue to get REAL sticky.

5) Do not attach it to your waterline.   The lashes might end up rubbing on your eyes and cause some serious damage.


1) Put on all your makeup.

2) Squirt some Duo glue on something - back of your hand, legs, etc..anything a min or two before you're ready to start applying the lower eye falsies.

2) Grab some false under eye lashes or any lashes that you want - I'm quite fond of Dura Lash by Ardell - Flare Mini Black.

3) Now, how you hold the lash case is key.  Look at the photo below - the flare part is at the bottom.
That's how you should  hold it in your hand if you're doing the bottom lashes,  so that in 1 swing, it lands perfectly on your lash line without you having to juggle.  
If however,  you were attempting to to apply the top individual lashes, then you will hold it upside down (flare at the top). It's as easy as one, two, three ...
Watch my Youtube video to see my lower lash demonstration.

How to Apply False Lower Lashes
How to Apply Fake Lower Lashes
(just FYI, med flares are very  LONG - I wouldn't apply this under the eye unless you're a camel)

You hold the box in one hand and your tweezers should be held horizontally (note red tweezer photo),  and in this position you will  remove the lashes from the case,  then apply it to your eye.  If you've done it correctly, your hand position will  align perfectly to your lower lash.

4) Grab a lash from the case.  Now, THIS is the hardest part.. these are some tough suckers to pull out...serious

5) Dip the lashes in glue, make sure that the lash glue is not runny and watery.  I can't stress enough how much easier this is if the glue is tacky.. like thick, rubbery consistency.  I would take a photo to show you but knowing MY skill in

6) Apply as many as you like, and start from anywhere.  I personally always start in the middle. 4~6 is enough for me, because I like it light but if you like drama, feel free to add more.  Moreover, you can always mix and match by adding the longest to the middle (round eye) to shorter on the edge.  Additionally, you can also add lots of short pieces in the lower wing area  to create more drama and cat like sex appeal. 

Favorite false EyeLashes

My fav lashes are Ardell and Gypsy Indivisuals, usually knot-free. And my nails are chipping already, applied it new two friggin days ago!

7) When the glue has completely dried, you can touch up/apply shadow liner, liner, or mascara to the roots.  I  used some dark shadow to darken the lashes on my Youtube video, and to draw more lashes manually with my R&L brush so that my false lashes will blend in better.

Products Mentioned:
Dura Lash by Ardell  in Flare Mini Black (what I used on my Youtube)
or buy in bulk  Dura Lash by Ardell  in Flare Mini Black.

Go to their Twitter for discount code + Add FREEBIE in the "MESSAGE BOX" if you spend more than $20 for one free lashes.

Good Tweezerman. 
Or La Cross Tweezer

Duo Glue
 Samsung EC-PL120 My Digital Camera with beauty shot
Gypsy Lashes
R&L Brushes 

Learn a makeup trick from my previous blog,"  How to Make Your Eyes BIGGER ".


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