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How to make SMALL Eyes BIGGER with makeup: Kim Kardashian's Smoky Eye using Urban Decay Naked Palette

kim kardashian eye makeup for Asian with brown eyes

I'm not particularly fond of Kim Kardashian  - I'm admittedly quite envious of her no-talent fame *ashamed*, but I do think that she's quite divinely beautiful.

  So today,  I thought I would create one of her classic  bronzy smoky eye makeup looks for people with small, hooded eyes - minus  the overly drag-queen'ish contouring, spider-legs fake lashes, or boobs and  ass out to.......

  I'll be using  the , because everyone and their mother already has one in their makeup kit, so I figured this would be quite convenient and easy for people to follow.

Silly face: so that you can see what it looks like at the end

Or watch me do this on Youtube.

(( This was my first video with lots of comical mistakes - like my camera NEVER focusing on me but on my messy background (my storage/book room - also where I do my makeup) - Anyone know why this is happening?  Ugh...)  -- Subscribe! :)

No eye makeup -  before kim kardashian smoky look
Here I am, looking quite stoned. 
 If you see any black makeup on my waterline, that's from before...and my poor excuse for lashes have been curled already. 

I generally skip eye primers.  Only time that I ever bother with them is for vivid eye color looks,   weddings or photo shoots under hot lights. I hate caking on products so I generally skip it when possible.  
Apply a creamy but sheer white eyeliner to the inner rim and the waterline. I'm using the e.l.f Shadow Stick in .... erm,  damn ... I'll link it at the bottom.  The writings rubbed off so I need to google it for you guys.
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Yes, it's time to do my nails again, ignore it! ...

kim kardashian's look on small eyes

 Pat on "Toasted" across your whole lid, but do NOT blend yet. I used my Royal & Langnickel makeup brush  Eye Shader MD C410 to apply it.  The brush is quite large so  it's easy to pack on dry eye shadow.  You can be as messy as you want  here, I like to drag out my eyeshadows far out towards the ears because my small eyes are pretty close-set.

 I'm constantly trying to make them appear wider by elongating them way past my eyeball socket.  But you don't have to do this if you were fortunate enough to have been born with normal or even blessed with wide set eyes...lucky b*tch.  :D

Using the Urban Decay Naked Palette to enlarge small eyes
 Now we start layering different shades on the lid.  Contour the outer V with "Hustle" and start blending to just the middle of the eye balls.  I used  the SILK ANGLE SHADER C500 brush to do this.   For small eyes, I always avoid closing them up completely with dark shadows but make sure you're blending them so that you don't get harsh lines.

Using the Urban Decay Naked Palette to make small eyes bigger
 Blend, blend, blend..... No, you haven't blended it a pro and blend some more... I'm using my LG Smudger C445

I did a Glycolic acid Peel at home last night because my skins been looking so congested lately. What you see is my skin  hardening over today because it's dead, why it's looking so dry and gross.   It should look quite horrifically scary by tomorrow morning ....

smoky eye shadow properly blended on small eyes
A dab of "Darkhorse" to the outer V to intensify the color. 

kim kardashian big eye look
Apply Half Baked  to the inner V and the outer wing area (photo below) . This light gold shade will make your eye color pop , especially if you have blue eyes.  I'm using this light shade at the corners to lift my eyes upwards like Kim Kardashian.  I used the R&L Lip Brush C600   to apply the shadow.  If you're wondering why I'm using a lip brush for the eye.. follow this link to my previous blog -- my favorite makeup brushes for small eyes

Adding light eyeshadow to the v on small eyes

COntouring the bottom eye to enlarge small eyes

 Contour the lower eye lid (squint your eyes, so that you can see the contour area more clearly).  If you'd like to know more about how to do this - look at my other blog, how to make small eyes bigger entry.  I used the DarkHorse to contour with the R&L Smudger C420.
Using a Royal and Langnickel BrushSmudger C420  to blend out eyeshadow

Blending out smoky eye look with R&L Makeup brush
Blend that lower eye contour - do not cake on products.  Apply bits by bits..

kim kardashian's smoky eye on small eyes using Darkhorse Naked Palette

Eyeline your eyes with "DarkHorse".  For small eyes,  avoid lining your inner V,  keep them bright and open.  if you have large eyes, feel free to turn yourself into a panda.
Eyeline your eyes with "DarkHorse" eyeshadow

Stila Smudge Pot Eyeliner on brown eyes
Eyeliner + Tightline - I used the Stila Smudge Pot in Black with the R & L Revolution BX 130 brush, which is an eyeBROW brush but I wanted to test out the new Revolution brush line and this was the only one that I had in this line.  I'm quite fond of this makeup brush company if you can't tell.. :)

Should look something like this......actually..

Bronze smoky eye look on small eyes
Made it smokier by adding  more of the 
 DarkHorse and Creep to the outer V.

 If you decide against going the bronze route, then I would dab on some light shade on your eyebrows bones now - Urban Decay Naked palette Eyeshadow shade in Virgin would work brilliantly.  
Neo Queen Honey Brown circle len color contacts - make small eyes bigger

Lashes & Loreal Voluminous Mascara.   It makes such a fucking difference!   I used the individual lashes in Med + Short length, which were all knot-free today, but if I was going out somewhere,  I would've used the demi wispie by Ardell WITH the Individual lashes.

I then used way too much of  the Too Faced Poolside Primping  Sun Bunny Bronze powder  (*sigh*) with the R&L C141 makeup brush all over my face, Nose, Cheeks, forehead, wherever the sun would  have hit, then blended the hell out of  that.  

Lip liner is Too Faced in Perfect Lips (my holy grail - it matches everyone's lips - BUY THIS!)
Lip Stick - my current fav nude - Loreal in Nude 862.

kim kardashian smoky eye look  for small eyes

My smoky look with Too Faced Poolside Primping  Sun Bunny Bronze powder

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope this post was helpful!

Take care, keep smiling! <3

xo- Tina

Products mentioned:

 Individual lashes or Gypsy Lashes I used the GL today.
Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara - For Lower Lashes



  1. omg girl you are SO BEAUTIFUL. you have such a gorgeous smile! and of course your eyes are lovely too. I should probably try your technique of extending the shadow past the sockets to elongate the eyes. and I'm glad I have the Naked palette too, so I can try this out with the same shades! :)

    1. Thanks, Izzy! It's always nice to wake up to someone telling you that you look good lol.

      You've just made by day and I really appreciate it! <3


      xo- Tina

  2. You look so gorgeous!
    I'm not the biggest fan of Kim being famous for pretty much nothing but when it comes to beauty and make up I do admire her. I think you did great with this look. (:

  3. waw beautifull ... thanks for this tutorial

  4. I was searching for makeup for hooded eyes (mine --') and I get on your blog ;)

    I just can't believe what's on your description box
    I thought you were on your twenties O.O
    You're really pretty

    By the way, your tutorial helped me so much
    I have the naked palette
    I 'm going to try this immediately


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