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6 Must Have Beauty Products in Summer if You Sweat a Lot - Hyperhidrosis

I thought I would be doing a plain 'ol, "must have beauty product list" today, however, I was inspired to blog about something more meaningful to me and maybe more useful to the 2~3% of the general population who suffer from over heating.    So  here are my beauty, holy grail items for girls who suffer from  excessive sweating problemsa Must Have Beauty Products in Summer if You Sweat a Lot, caused either by physical labor, the weather, stress, a mental disorder (anxiety issues) or from Hyperhidrosis. 

  I can thoroughly relate. I know how utterly embarrassing and crushing this is to your self esteem, especially if you're a girl who have it because I've had this  since my late teens...  this isn't a bullshit blog. 

Best Antiperspirants / Deodorants for Excessive Sweating:
 CERTAIN DRI - Roll on  #1!
Must have beauty products in summer if you sweat a lot 
 What it is:  Clear, watery liquid you apply under your arms at night right before bed.

Aluminum Chloride 12%.

  • Gradually, you really do stop sweating completely.  You can say good bye to any excessive sweating ( Hyperhidrosis) issues good bye with this.
  • Cheaper than dirt
  • Do not require a doctor's visit
  • No scent
  •  Last for days
  • Scentless
  • Itchy as HELL if you apply more than 1 swipe per arm pit
  • Can't apply right after a shower because you'll start a World War 3 under your pits
  • It does not cover odors, so if you have that issue as well, you will need a separate deodorants for day time.
  • Scentless
I linked a Youtube video about this product below. :)

Best Deodorant Cream that works in summer heat

I used to use Arrid Extra Dry before I switched to Certain DRI. The difference is  that I would consider CD a medication while Arrid is more of a deodorant.

Arrid extra dry  Deodorant Cream Consistency Swatch
  • Compared to other over the counter roll on deodorants, it lasts and protects better
  • Cheaper than dirt
  • Because the consistency is so light and creamy, like a heavy night cream, you can rub it into your hands, feet, etc (although it says to apply to your arm pits only) if you sweat a lot in your hands or feet.
  • Invisible, clear protection 

  • The packaging is quite cheap looking
  • Smells like a minty, baby powder - like medicine
  •  I hate that I have to stick my finger in it to apply - Yuck

Wednesday, August 8

HOW TO MAKE YOUR HAIR GROW FASTER Fast!! - 5 TIPS to longer hair, Secret from the East

How to make your hair grow faster
Do you want to make your short hair grow faster, so that it will look long and shiner than it has ever been within this century?  Healthy looking hair  full of vibrancy is not impossible, but it does require a lot of patience on your part.  I'm going to share with you some Beauty secrets from the East.

 Let's start this blog with me contradicting guides that tell you to keep your hair trimmed while growing it out...

 If you don't have the patience to go through the UGLY-Cave woman phase, then you'll NEVER have that long sexy mane that you've always dreamed about anytime soon.

 This blog was requested by someone on Twitter (name hidden: @only#$%^li* )
.  Here you go, sweetie. <3

((Photo source:

Five Tips on growing your hair faster:

5 Tips to growing your hair faster
 Don't trim it, blend it, just don't go anywhere near a hair salon or scissors.  Expect to live through some bad hair weeks and months and this means dealing with and putting up with some split ends. I repeat, do not get a trim.

When a client comes in to get their hair trimmed by me and they tell me that they're trying to grow it out,  I usually turn them away and talk them out of a "trim".  Exception to this rule is if they're going from a boy-short hairstyle to a real long hair look - Victoria Secrets hair anyone?. 

Your hair only grows about 1/4 to 1/2 INCH from the roots a month.  This is a scientific fact based on your genes, your health, diet and blood circulation.  Just imagine how SMALL 1/2 inch really is and consider how scissor happy most hair stylists are ... and you're going to trim it every few weeks?  Are you nuts?! Just use your common sense.

Problems with split ends? Read number 2.

During this no-cutting, ugly-phase, you need to take care of your short mane.
fastest way to grow out your hair best deep conditioner for dry hair

  • This means using some very intense deep conditioners, and if you can afford  to spurge, try some of the best in the market like this.
  • Avoid excessive chemical processes - going from black hair to double platinum is a huge no-no. 
  • Not only minimize your use of heating tools like flat irons and curling irons, but make sure you're using a good heat protectant when you're using them.
  • Keep your ends moist with good hair oils.

how to make your hair grow faster - shampoo massager brushEvery time you shampoo your hair, give yourself a deep scalp tissue massage during conditioner phase to stimulate your hair follicles.  If you're using your fingers tips, make sure that  you're not scraping your scalp with your nails.  You can also try using this handy and cheap shampoo massager and brush.

  • Don't brush and comb your hair too often, and use a wide tooth tomb instead of a brush.  
  • Detangle from bottom strand up.
  • Don't put your hair up too often, try wearing it down.
  • Don't yank on your hair

Best SLS Sulfate Free shampoo
4) GO SULFATE (SLS - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ) FREE.
Sulfates are harsh cleansing chemicals that creates large amount of lovely but unnecessary bubbles, that companies prefer to use to cut cost.  It was first used to cut oil in the motor parts before they started using it in our own soaps.

Not only will SLS  irritate your skin and scalp but there are studies now that show that it's the leading cause of premature hair loss in women and can cause other health hazards.

 I  can tell you, from my own personal experience how this affected my own scalp.  I had to go sulfate free last year because of dry flaking scalp from all the garbage ingredients that are in our "normal SLS" shampoo.  Since then, my scalp feels quite fantastic, and my hair seems to shed less.

I blogged about my favorite and best SLS free shampoo here.  If you're looking to go SLS free, and you don't know where to start, try with Dermorganic shampoo set.

Sea Kelp For Growing Hair
5)  SEA KELP/ Sea Kelp Bioferment/ Ferment Extract
Sea Kelps are seaweeds, which are high in iodine content, vitamins, minerals, iron and the essential amino acid l-lycine, which directly affects hair growth.

(( Photo source from : 

Furthermore, this amazing  ingredient also  keeps the skin from sagging and wrinkling.  Adding this to your diet if you're deficient will surely make your hair grow.

 This ingredient is a staple in most anti aging DIY's and are hugely popular in Asia.  I personally use this in my DIY Vitamin C serums so I can vouch how amazing this stuff really is.

You will see this ingredients in many high end, posh, expensive creams like the cult classic La Mere.

I have friends who swear by this Hair Growing Spray and because this info come from reliable, down to earth people that I respect in my work, I believe that this recipe will work for you.

DIY Recipe:  Sea Kelp serum or spray: 

 Make sure you're buying the authentic ingredients and not garbage that are mixed with junk so common online.  You need to use the PURE SKB or SK.  Check your local Health Stores.  I have also  linked it to  2 reliable sources that I, personally buy from online for your convenience.

Apply this to the roots of your wet hair every time you shampoo (do not rinse off).. Store this in the fridge when not in use. 

Asian hair grows like weed, because we eat LOTS of seaweed and fish in our diet. Likewise, if you'd like to grow your hair faster,  make sure you're taking your vitamins, eating a lot of fish, or taking flaxseed or Omega 3 tablets, which are all a foundation of good hair, skin, and nail growth.

 Read about my favorite SLS free shampoo here.

Thank you for reading this guide.  I hope this was of help to you.  

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Take care!

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UPDATE: 11/09/12:

I've discovered the best conditioner that will make your hair shed less in Korea 2 months ago!! 

  Read the UPDATED blog 1/14/13  --

HOW TO MAKE YOUR HAIR GROW FASTER Fast!! UPDATED TIPS to longer hair, Secret from the East

Updated:  1/22/13    -----   Fast growing shampoo?!

I've been hearing some really wonderful reviews about this "HORSE" shampoo from friends, forums, and reviews... LOL, Which I have every intention of blogging about in few months, after I, of course, try it out and see some results.   The shampoo is   Mega-Tek, and it, apparently makes your hair grow faster, fall out less, and etc.... It's a miracle shampoo (that doesn't sud up )....FOR HORSES... Well, I'm going to try it.

  Try it out with me?  :)

Or Watch/Read My " Taylor Swift Hair Tutorial:  Formal Side Bun "! 

Taylor Swift Hair - Up - Grow your hair long and strong

or get this look by watching my Youtube Waterfall French Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial: :)

how to waterfall/cascade French Fishtail Braid on yourself hair tutorial on medium hair and long hair

Updated:  1/22/13

I've been hearing some really wonderful reviews about this "HORSE" shampoo from friends, forums, and reviews... LOL, Which I have every intention of blogging about in few months, after I, of course, try it out and see some results.   The shampoo is   Mega-Tek, and it, apparently makes your hair grow faster, fall out less, and etc.... It's a miracle shampoo (that doesn't sud up )....FOR HORSES... Well, I'm going to try it.

  Try it out with me?  :)

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Hairstyles Easy Updos 10 Min Hair Tutorial

Easy Updos sexy bedroom hair
Here are two very easy updos that you can do within 5 to 10 minutes.  This look is timelessly beautiful and it's one of those pretty and girlie hairstyles that will never go out of style. Moreover, the messier you can manage this hair do, the better and sexier it will look on you.   Who wouldn't like a sexily tousled hair updo?   

To achieve this bedroom hair, first, if your hair isn't already wavy or curly, you need to curl your hair.  I used my favorite 1/2 inch Cortex Titanium Curling Iron.  On wet hair, you will want to apply some hair Oil , heat protectant (Kendi Oil ), and a hair gel( Matrix Biolage Gelee ) or mouse of some sorts if your hair can't hold a curl without it, most Asians will need a gel of some sorts.

 Tip:  Always use a tighter curling iron for updos because it makes managing the hair easier, even if all of your hair will be tucked in, you still need to curl your hair.

You can watch this hair tutorial on my Youtube Channel, which will be posted on the bottom of this page.
Curly hair updos tutorial how to do a easy updo in 5min

1) Tease your hair.  Your hair pins need something to hold onto, so tease your roots, and everywhere else too!  Especially if you have fine or virgin hair (  hair that has not been chemically processed by color, relaxer, hair perms, etc).  To put it bluntly, damaged hair is easier to do updos on. 
long wavy dark hair teased sexy looking hairstyling collage

2) Messily pin up the top - crown area.  ( I never realized what bitchy expressions I had without circle lenses on!! ).  I look so mean and bitchy, like some spoiled brat omg *cringe*.  LOL I'm my own hater ... Ahem anyway.....

hairstyles collgae long curly hair updos weddings bridal bedroom hair
3) Start grabbing the hair from the sides of your head, and twist and pin them in the back in a braiding formation/pattern.  Make sure you loosen and fluff the twists so that it looks soft and not tight.   If you see a bit of frizz, that's perfectly fine.   We're going for that mussed bedroom hair, easy updo...

Hairstyles collage youtube video hair tutorial easy half-up updos long wavy hair

4)  You can leave it like this - a simple easy to do, half-up updo or do the whole head.  Continue grabbing the side hair in chunks and twist or/and braid them before pinning them down.  Make sure you always fluff, tease, and loosen the curls.

Hairstyles collage updos sexy tussled hair quick and easy tutorial
 5) After you've pinned up all your hair, tease and fluff the hair around your face to make this easy updo softer and wispy looking. If you notice any long stringy hair that you missed, simply twist and twirl them around your fingers before pinning them up as well. 

Finish Product Used:

Best Hairspray for Updos:  Shaper
Best finishing Oil Serum at the moment - Chi Enviro Smoothing Serum (but hard to find)

Quick and fast updos hairstyles

I hope you try this easy updo, hairstyles should always be this easy and effortless. 

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French Braid with Waterfall Braid hair tutorial

Get this look Boho French Braid with Waterfall braided bangs tutorial on my new blog. 

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