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6 Must Have Beauty Products in Summer if You Sweat a Lot - Hyperhidrosis

I thought I would be doing a plain 'ol, "must have beauty product list" today, however, I was inspired to blog about something more meaningful to me and maybe more useful to the 2~3% of the general population who suffer from over heating.    So  here are my beauty, holy grail items for girls who suffer from  excessive sweating problemsa Must Have Beauty Products in Summer if You Sweat a Lot, caused either by physical labor, the weather, stress, a mental disorder (anxiety issues) or from Hyperhidrosis. 

  I can thoroughly relate. I know how utterly embarrassing and crushing this is to your self esteem, especially if you're a girl who have it because I've had this  since my late teens...  this isn't a bullshit blog. 

Best Antiperspirants / Deodorants for Excessive Sweating:
 CERTAIN DRI - Roll on  #1!
Must have beauty products in summer if you sweat a lot 
 What it is:  Clear, watery liquid you apply under your arms at night right before bed.

Aluminum Chloride 12%.

  • Gradually, you really do stop sweating completely.  You can say good bye to any excessive sweating ( Hyperhidrosis) issues good bye with this.
  • Cheaper than dirt
  • Do not require a doctor's visit
  • No scent
  •  Last for days
  • Scentless
  • Itchy as HELL if you apply more than 1 swipe per arm pit
  • Can't apply right after a shower because you'll start a World War 3 under your pits
  • It does not cover odors, so if you have that issue as well, you will need a separate deodorants for day time.
  • Scentless
I linked a Youtube video about this product below. :)

Best Deodorant Cream that works in summer heat

I used to use Arrid Extra Dry before I switched to Certain DRI. The difference is  that I would consider CD a medication while Arrid is more of a deodorant.

Arrid extra dry  Deodorant Cream Consistency Swatch
  • Compared to other over the counter roll on deodorants, it lasts and protects better
  • Cheaper than dirt
  • Because the consistency is so light and creamy, like a heavy night cream, you can rub it into your hands, feet, etc (although it says to apply to your arm pits only) if you sweat a lot in your hands or feet.
  • Invisible, clear protection 

  • The packaging is quite cheap looking
  • Smells like a minty, baby powder - like medicine
  •  I hate that I have to stick my finger in it to apply - Yuck

 Best Water Resistant Foundation:

Best Water resistant foundation -  Cinema Secret

I use Cinema Secrets Foundation   because it's very water resistant, and was made for people, actor's and actresses,  who work under hot, TV/camera lights.

  • Fantastic Pro foundation with a wide range of colors in satin finish. 
  •  My clients and I do not break out from using it. 
  •   Extremely pigmented so a little  goes a LONG way, 1 jar should last you all year
  • Beautiful skin in photos
  • Well used in wedding photography

  • Tricky application - you need to make sure that you use a wet sponge (or a damp  Beauty Blender ) or it will look too heavy and caked on. 

I dislike "waterproof" foundations in general because those tend to break me out horribly and irritate my skin, so if you have sensitive skin, you should avoid any "waterproof" (alcohol based) foundations.

 Best Sunblock:

Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Sensitive 50+
Best anti aging  Sunblock Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Sensitive 50+

You can only buy Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Sensitive 50+ from eBay (er I just checked Amazon, some moron is selling it for far too much - so get it from eBay, I'll link the seller below).

 This brilliant, BRILLIANT sunblock is really water resistant  but more importantly, it's one of THE best sunblock that I've ever used. Bar none.   Therefor, it deserves a spot in my " Must Have Beauty Product in Summer if You Sweat a Lot" list.

 I'm on Retin-A, and for those of you who don't know, Retin-A thins out your skin and makes you hideously sensitive to the hot sun.  This is the only sunblock that I would ever trust with my aging skin.

I stopped getting freckles altogether when I switched to this brand and that should tell you how fantastic this sunscreen milk,  made especially for "sun sensitive" skin really is! 

Make sure you get the one that I'm using, the photo above that you see is my own bottle. You need to make certain  that it's the "UV Sensitive 50+"version.

I bought mine from this store on eBay. But they're out of stock at the moment, maybe you can send him a message asking if he's going to relist it.

Best Water Resistant Eyeshadow:

Best Waterproof eyeshadow for people who swear a lot
Makeup Forever Aqua Cream Shadows - This thing holds up and up, and these come in all color ranges, from every day neutrals to the most vivid colors.  Check out their greens!   My favorite is the 17 (plum), which I'm wearing in some of my photos and on the Youtube videos.

WAY cheaper price range but still great: 
  Maybelline Color Tattoo.  One thing that I really dislike about this line is that it's too sparkly/glittery but it does hold up all day.

Best Water Resistant Face Powder:

Must have beauty Product if you sweat a lot - Face Powder - Banana Powder

Another item that was made for people working under hot, TV/Camera lights.

  •  Ben Nye Banana face powder is extremely water resistant AND oil absorbent.   If you have very oily skin, this will work brilliantly for you.
  • Well used in shoots
  • Utterly long lasting
  • Dirt cheap
  • Candle light skin finish 
  • It's not starkly white so it won't wash you out
  • Universal shade
  • Photograph's beautifully

  • Cheap packaging
  • Hard to find in person - will need to order online
  • Most people look down on products that "look cheap"
Kim Kardashian's makeup artist choice of setting powder on her..


I use the Stila eyebrow duo, but that's been discontinued so I won't go into it.  I'm currently looking for a great water resistant eyebrow powder (not a liner), if you know any please let me know! :)

Thanks for reading!  I hope this list was helpful to at least one person with this issue.  I wish you all the best!  *BIG HUGS*

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  1. I have the Garnier SPF 50 ^^ safe than sorry I would always say to my sister (who thinks even the half price was still expensive =.="). For my face I have probably 3 different brands of mattifying cream for my face (oily t zone and all -sighs). It's not sweat but a must have for my bag during the summer. :D

    1. Yes, I consider a good sunblock the most important skin care item so I'm willing to spend a lot for it. The US version of it isn't a UV Sensitive kind though the last time I checked.. Euro and Asian brands really do have the best sunblocks.

  2. i'll have to try that eyeshadow! and i use the roll on deodorant for sure. =)

    1. Hi Lisa! OMG, get that Makeupforever cream shadow in 17. It's soooo beautiful on yellow skin tones!!

  3. Omg what an interesting post! Sending this to my friend :D


    1. I hope your friend finds it helpful! :)

  4. I have Certain Dri and I absolutely love it! I agree with all of your pros and con, they're dead on. I once applied it after shaving and it felt like I could feel every single pore burning under my armpit, ouch.
    It really works wonders though. Great post!

    1. Thanks, Chrissy! Oh yea, I've done that too thinking I could get away with it haha..

  5. these are such great products for the hot weather! I absolutely despise sweating and oily faces. love how the banana powder is oil absorbent...that sounds like a dream haha!

    1. And it's SO cheap!! You're gonna be amazed at the quality too!

      <3 Tina

  6. I sweat a lot psssst...especially my underarms but no onion-y smell. Haha...
    Hmmm....I'm goin' to try out that Certain Dri Roll-on. Thanks for sharing Hun!

  7. THANKS So much for this post!!

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  8. Omg what an exciting post! Delivering this to my buddy. These are such great products for the summer time season. this information beneficial for us.

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    1. Hi, thank you! No, this isn't a paid theme, just the basic one. Happy Holidays! xo-Tina :)


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