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Cut and Trim Your Bangs: Guide to Cutting Heavy, Blunt Bangs

 Look Great and Sexy, Not Fat - rock Carly Rae Jepsen's bangs! 

Carly Rae Jepsen with cute blunt bangs
So you've been gazing soulfully at the celebrities with the heavy bangs lately, and wondered if it would look as bold and edgy on you.  Because lets face it, nothing screams "high fashion" , "rich bi*ch" and utter "Class" like those bangs, but in real life, they look absolutely horrendous on the people that you personally know AND make them look... fat! *gasp*

This guide will give you some insight and inspiration into how you can costume design the perfect heavy fringe to fit YOU.  These are my own personal rules as a Pro Hair Stylist in New York City, and not set in stone by any means. We all have our own ideas of what Beauty is, therefor, it is logical that not everyone will agree. :)

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Halle Berr's perfect head

First, if you're one of those people with sickenly a perfect face shape with a small oval head shapes (think Halle Berry), then don't bother with this guide. This guide doesn't apply to you, because you look great no matter what... lucky bi*ch. :)

 But for the rest of us:

  • Know your face shape. 
  • Is your hair on the crown thick enough to create a heavy fringe?
  • Is your hair too curly? Because heavy fringe should lay flat and not look like a brillo pad.  Also, do you have a cowlick in that general are?
  • Finally, what do you wish to cover up with your hair. This is so important. Always keep this in mind, it is what's left behind that impacts your face, and NOT what's been cut off! :-)
Now that we got that out of the way, let me show you what *I* consider beautiful and see if you can find a pattern in these photos.  I'm, of course including the photo of Carly Rae Jepsen's bangs at the very top of this list.  :)

Kate Moss with blonde  blunt bangsLong blonde hairAnne V with long blonde hair
Long sexy hair with DIY heavy bangs

Kate Moss with sexy edgy hair - do it yourself  
It is my firm belief that any type of heavy bangs will automatically make your face appear slightly fuller and the farther you cut away from the center of your face will then make your face wider.   It sounds most dreadful but there is a fix!

Katie Holm with short blunt bangs photo - before and after

  Sometimes heavy bangs, when done correctly, will actually make you not only look slimmer but sexier and edgier and younger!  I'm going to use the lovely Katie Holm's photo as an example here, because no words are needed to show my point.

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THE rules to rock'in heavy bangs: 

 ( I will be using a mannequin's head for photo's,  understand that their hair lines and the hair density greatly differs from humans).

1. Always consider what's being left behind and not whats being cut off.  Take small cuts, you can always cut more.  Try using a razor instead of shears.

2. Section off , and clip back the hair that you want to keep.  How much to clip back?  Usually all the hair in front of your ears on the crown of your head is drawn forward for bangs, but  this depends on how thick your hair is. If your hair isn't thick enough then you will need to draw more hair from the back.
DIY how to cut blunt bangs

CROWN section -  in a soft, rounded V, you can use your nose as a guide for the highest peak.

DIY how to cut blunt heavy bangs - sectioning

3. NEVER cut your bangs past the outer corners of your eyes. The farther you cut away from the center of your face, the wider your face will appear.  If you look above, all the photos that I've posted follow this rule.
DIY how to cut leavy blunt bangs guide
DIY how to cut leavy blunt bangs guide front
HOWEVER : You CAN cut farther back if  you're creating a graduating effect -  from short to long,  like the KATE MOSS's photo that you will see in the next page.  This is a far more advance way of cutting but it will create a more softer look.

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DIY how to cut leavy blunt bangs guide on Kate Moss  4. Very blunt bangs only look great on models with perfect features, on everyone else - it looks like a wig.  Razor cutting the edges will soften, modernize AND make you look thinner.  This is especially important for anyone over 30+...

I'm holding a camera with 1 hand, but this is about where you want to start point-cutting, or razoring your hair - DRY HAIR.  ALWAYS cut tiny bits at a time, so you can cut more if it's too long. =)

DIY how to cut leavy blunt bangs guide with razor

5.  Long shaggy, piecey, heavy bangs that hits "just" on the top of the nose (for clarity - between your eyes, where your nose starts to slope up - Kate Moss's bangs)  is the most flattering on normal human beings. The KEY here is to create soft and shaggy edges for a wearable blunt bangs.

6. Attitude.  Your personality should reflect this bold style.  Just sayin'. =)

Now, here are the "bang tragedy photos". These, IMHO, do not enhance the beauty of the person's face but exaggerate's the negative for the sake of fashion - that is, if small, oval face is your ideal.

You apply make up to enhance what you have, your hair should do the same, since it's your greatest and best the accessory.

DIY ugly bangsMushroom HairHer bangs were cut too blunt for her face shape and age.  Looks like a wig.

Do it yourself beautiful olivia wilde's heavy blunt bangsDIY beautiful olivia wilde's blunt bangs

To show this more clearly, let's take the beauteous Olivia Wilde here, look at the photo's side by side. The one on the left, you can clearly see how far the bangs have been cut ( and far past the outer eyes) and then the one on the right.  The bangs were cut correctly here for her square face (the shortest bangs ending at the outer eye and the edge's kept soft and wispy), this style suits her to perfection.

 Finally, how to style it once you've achieved your perfect fringe.  

  • 1. Use a oil serum or a heat protectant on damp hair.
  • 2. Dry your bangs flat against your forehead, and please, I beg you,  do not use a big round brush or it will give you that mushroom look, unless that's your thing.  A flat paddle brush, the  fingers God gave you or a vent brush works beautifully.
  • 3.  This is optional because not everyone owns a flat iron.  But if you do, I suggest you use it here.
  • 4. Apply some soft wax when your hair is completely dry to give you that shaggy, sexy, piecey look.  Not too heavily, otherwise you'll end up looking like a oily heroine addict - unless that's your thing. :)
I hope this guide was helpful.  Please sub, add, comment for future guides and requests.  

Thanks!!  :)

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  1. Another great post I'm enjoying reading through your blog :)I've had a full fringe since I was a kid, although Ive been considering growing it out lately because I have a round/square face and I don't think its doing anything for me. Ive tried in the past but always get fed up at the in-between stage and cut it back in lol x

  2. Thanks, Stacey. Your cute bangs suits you very well because you have one of those perfect face shapes!! <3

  3. I'm only 14 years old, but I want bangs like this. I've been asking around and people have been telling me that bangs are a pain. I have no idea What kind of face I have and I was wondering if you could help me. Thank you(:

  4. Hi Kennedy,

    How may I help you, hon? If you don't know what your face shape is, you can try asking the people who knows you well.

    Simply start cutting from the center outwards (towards the back of your head) --- don't cut past where your eyes end if you have a square shaped face or if you're trying to keep your face looking slim.

    And always cut it "too long" at first, because you can ALWAYS cut more but you can't cut again if it's too short.

    Go slow, and cut little at a time. I'm sure your bangs will come out just great!! <3


  5. This guide is fabulous!!!!!
    I just had bangs cut & was very nervous if it would turn out.
    I love the outcome!!!!
    Thank you SO much for this detailed guide!!!!!

    1. Thank you, you've made my day! :)

    2. Thanks so much!!!! :-)
      I am so grateful I saw this post before I went to have my stylist cut my bangs.
      These photos are fantastic examples and I LOVE your favorite bangs photos- Kate Moss & Carly Rae Jepsen's styles are amazing!!!!!
      Thank you again!!!!!

  6. Hi

    I'm currently trying out wigs for the first time due to health issues. I have a shorter forehead which many of my long forehead friends are envious of but I'm worried about going with bangs across the top. I had these in high school and it looked nice, but I've put on weight (also because of health reasons) and I'm worried it will make my face seem more round. Any tips to getting away with bangs for a fuller face? Also what face shape would I have if my cheekbones seem to be slightly wider than my forehead and my chin? I've heard that's a diamond shape, but I'm clueless. Thanks!

  7. Correction. I looked it up and I definitely think I have an oval shaped face. It's close to Megan Fox's shape but fuller. Thanks again!

    1. If your face is oval, then you can cut it any way you like because you have the most ideal face shape. :)

      However, if you're still worried about bangs making your face appear rounder, then just make sure that you don't cut too far from the outer corners of your eyes - wider the bangs, wider the cheeks will appear. Therefor, make sure you cut little bit at a time..

      This style tend to flatter almost everyone - *except* people with extremely thin faces.

      I'm sorry to hear about your ill health, I wish you all the best! *hugs* xo-Tina

  8. Thank you. Just what I needed!


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