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What Youtube Video editing software, programs and Digital Camera I used, Beauty Guru Diary


 Today, I joined the Youtube Beauty Guru bandwagon like other ba-gazillion other girls in the world.   My efforts thus far have been nothing but comically wrong in so many way... dang. 

Samsung PL120 digital camera for filming Youtube video

 First my camera, Samsung PL120, flat out refused to focus on my face - but instead, found my messy book shelf and a stack of grubby boxes more fascinating than my moi....

Lighting drama.  My video ended up looking like a very bad 70's porno  film (I didn't read the reader's manual, so I didnt know how to adjust the settings ...).

 Then I lost hours of work on the Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 because I forgot to save it before loading up another project (why? because I didnt read this manual too ).

I hate reading the reader's manual, leave me alone...

My Samsung PL120 takes astonishingly sharp pictures with crystal clear details (which showed off all my wrinkly flaws and pores in my previous blogs ), I couldnt be happier with it, especially since I'm a complete techie noobie.  Point and shoot is all I know and this camera is that easy to use. 

I had a humongous duh moment earlier, when I read about the  "Beauty Shot" option - this setting blurs out your flaws - you won't need to Photoshop your pores away, girls!!

 I was utterly clueless of this fact until 2 hours ago, and I came to the realization that, I really should read the damn reader's manual more often!  *cringe*

Are you a none techie girl too? ...
Samsung PL120 digital camera for Youtube beauty Guru

You can't simply point and shoot a film, as I learned.. 

I know how to apply the makeup to look great in films, but not how to make my camera record perfectly without me having to mess with all the gazillion settings, and better the camera , more options you're gonna deal with as I learned... le sigh...  

Good lighting is key, anyone who has ever work on the set knows it's more about the lighting than how good your makeup looks.

 Bad lighting will cause ugly wrinkles, saggy skin and even bags under your eyes, while good lighting can make you look younger.. Ever stand under a direct light, did you take a look in the mirror during it?   Go try it...
If you're  new or someone merely considering joining  the Youtubing community, and I think that everyone should join, read up on YOUR camera specifics and how to adjust your settings accordingly.

Next is to use the Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum to edit your films.  

I used the version 9, which is an older version, so you should get the newest copy of the  Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum .

 I've tried a few other programs before my friend took pity on me and gave me her copy because I was struggling with the complexity of these other softwares.   I found Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum by far the easiest to understand , and IMHO, since more people use it,  there are more tutorials on using this software than any other.  Consequently, more helpful video guides on Youtube for you to learn from ..   

Here are the most Popular YouTube Video Editing Software/Program

Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD  (my choice and a personal fav) **
Sony Vegas Pro (always a great option) *
CyborLink PowerDirector -- (this has a very good reputation ) *
Windows Movie Maker  ( popular and FREE - but features are limited)*
ShowBiz DVD

 Awesome Font Site that I found!!

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 My Brank-spankin' - New Youtube Video

Just to show you what my camera quality should have looked like...

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