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Make Your SMALL eyes BIGGER with these Makeup Tricks and Brushes!

Contouring cheeks with Royal & Langnickel c120
It's 4 AM on a dreary Friday morning. I can't go back to sleep, and looking in the mirror at my SMALL, aging, and sleep swollen eyes, I am inspired to blog about some of my best makeup brushes and makeup tricks that I use to make small  eyes  BIGGER.

  I'm sure some of you're dealing with the same issues that I face everyday - making  aging, drippy eyes look brighter. God knows, I'm becoming an expert on getting old...I would love to hear what you've been using too...

I want a sexy, smoky eyes, so although generally speaking, smoky eyes aren't as brightening or opening as starkly white rimmed eyes, that's what I'm going to do...

All the brushes that you see below were purchased by me.  I did not decide to go out one day to buy all Royal & Langickel brushes, haha.  The whole process was gradual and unintentional and it took about 2 years. When I see quality and affordability I promptly buy it up.  This doesnt mean I *only* use Royal & Langickel makeup brushes, like any other  brush company, they have a few  that I'm not crazy about.

But for now, lets go over my - Best Makeup Brushes for Small Eyes.   I'm not going to bother including the basics like the shader brush... because they're just so common ...

Best makeup brush set for small eyes image

 From Left to Right (ignore the label, I use these on the eyes)Lip Brush C600, Eyebrow C490, Angle Shader C500, LG Smudger C445 Smudger C420 - Top Coastal Scents Blending Fluff 250 (which is a complete DUPE of Mac 217, another fav brush of mine - only difference is that MAC's brush is tad softer but cost a LOT more).

Consider getting yourself some really natural looking circle lens and some long individual lashes.  I'm wearing NEO Queen Honey color contacts.   It enlarges your eyes without making you look like an alien dolly freak.
Wearing Neo Queen Honey color contacts circle lens
I'm going to make my small eyes BIGGER & Smoky on 1 eye only, guess which eye ...

Make small eyes bigger

Wow, my camera is simply AWESOME, look at all those adorable  pores...  damn HD  .. I need to learn Photoshop ASAP or buy a crappier camera so that people will think that I'm perfect!
 I'm using my favorite Royal & Langnickel LIP brush C600 to hi-light my inner rim AND the whole under eye crease area to brighten my small eyes.  This makeup brush simply fits perfectly here, and I know it says "LIP brush", but you can use it anywhere - even on your ass hole if you want!  I like Stila's Kitten Smudge Pot in the inner rim, especially for photos and weddings. 

best makeup brush for inner rim eye brightening for small eyes c600

Make small eyes bigger with makeup trick and the best makeup brush
 Create a strong contour line with the  Royal & Langnickel's  Silk  Smudger C420.  Pat some pigment or  eye shadow onto the brush and draw a line around the lower eye.  You can also use a brown eyeliner, then blend with this brush.  I'm going to make another blog about all the shapes that you can create with this method, but that's for another day .. 
 The brush is softly pointed, so your shadow will diffuse as you apply.  Make sure you don't cake on too much products here, or you will end up looking haggard  and old.   You're trying to make your small eyes bigger not older!

make small hooded asian eyes bigger

How to make small eyes bigger

Compare Left and Right eye  - Diffuse and blend any harsh lines with  Royal & Langnickel Silk  LG Smudger C445 -  also slightly pointed so it's wonderful for the small eye makeup tricks!

 Royal & Langnickel Silk LG Smudger C445 (big) and C420 brushes

Apply some eyeshadow of your choice under the eye while staying within the contour line.  Pay close attention to where I did NOT apply the dark shadow.. the inner corner will stay bright, do not apply shadow there.  I used the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegrante  (just a lovely texture and color, incredible quality and value for the price, truly).  I used the  Coastal Scents Blending Fluff 250 -  DUPE of MAC 217.   I love this cream eyeshadow on the lower eye, especially for aging eyes because it really does not crease. 

 With that said, if you have a lot of wrinkles under the eyes, I would avoid this shade or any colors with shimmer and go for satin or matte colors.

Apply some of that same eye shadow to the outer V to the  top parts of your eyes so that the whole look appears uniform.  This will create a big round eye effect. If you do not apply some on the top, it will drag your eyes down ( I have a long scar on my left eye  that I got when I was a little girl from getting run over by a motorcycle in Korea, this spot doesnt blend eye shadows at all and my eyes are more crooked because of it)..You can see the faint scar on this photo because of my AWESOME camera that likes to shows every flaw that I have tot he world! HD is very bad, BAD, BAD for the old!  :-) )

How to make your eyes bigger with makeup

 I used the same cream shadow on the top but usually if I use a powder shadow, I would  then use the makeup brush C500, which is also my all time favorite  #1 nose contour brush.  Ever.  Put it this way, If I was to get stranded on a island and could only keep 1 brush, it would be the C500.   I'll blog about nose contouring on another time ..  Anyone else's nose getting bigger with age?  Mine seems to be growing wider and longer, I hope it stops soon... next I might start growing hair out of my ears, or does that only happen to men...

Best Makeup Brush for Nose Contouring Royal & Langnickel silk c500

Smoky Purple eyeliner on small eyes
Apply some purple/brown/green, etc eyeliner and diffuse/blend with Smudger C420 - I find colorful liners more eye brightening than plain black, although that has it's use too.  I used the e.l.f. liner here.
I look like someone punched me in the eye.. haha

And this is what it looks like on both eyes.  I  attached some fake lashes on the bottom for fun, which i hated instantly hah..

How to get bigger Smoky eye look on small eyes

Tip: turn on your fan full blast when you take photos!  -- it will make your  hair full of sexy!~ and how funny is it  that all of my " final" photos came out kinda blurry like this or like complete shit... It's going to be one of those days... I can tell *sigh*
AND I forgot to mention this brush altogether...

Brow Makeup Brush C490

I didn't use it today because now I'm running late for work.  

Although the brush is labeled with  Brow C490, this is by far my most favorite brush for fine detailing on any parts of the eye.  I use this when I want to manually draw bottom lashes (fantastic for small Asian eyes ) or if I want to create super thin top liner.  If you're wondering what I use for eyebrows instead - I prefer  R&L brush essentials BBE10 because it's wider and a bit thicker ...

Brushes Discussed: Use the Discount Code -  SILKTS50 to get 50% OFF!

  • LG Smudger C445  - Natural Hair. Blend shadow in the crease of the eye or ad that smoky effect with this firm pointed brush.
  • SILK ANGLE SHADER C500 - Natural Hair. Use to apply and blend eye shadow. Soft natural hairs make this brush ideal for powder shadows. 
  • Smudger C420 -  Natural Smudger. Firm, gently pointed natural hair makes this ideal for smudging colors together. 
  • Lip Brush C600 - Natural Hair. Small flat brush with a rounded tip makes this brush perfect for lip application. 
  • Eyebrow C490 -  Synthetic Filament. Small synthetic angular brush makes adding color to brows a snap. This brush is also great for creating a dramatic line at the base of the lashes. 
  • Coastal Scents Blending Fluff 250 -  Apply both powder and cream shadows with this brush.
  •  R&L brush essentials BBE10 - Synthetic Filament. Everyone's favorite brow brush is also perfect to create a dramatic line at the base of the lash.

Products mentioned:

I used both the black(click photo) and the  Kitten Smudge pot on this blog.
My color contacts  Neo Queen - my blog.

Here is the e.l.f purple eyeliner (click the photo).  Use code: BDFRIENDS to get 30% OFF by 7/16
e.l.f. Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick

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Take care!

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