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MAC Lipstick GOTTA DASH Swatched, Reviewed with Photos. Best Peachy Coral Lipstick!!

Gotta Dash MAC lipstick reviewed, photo and swatched
I have a new favorite Peachy Coral Lipstick that I want to review for you and it's called GOTTA DASH from Mac's Sheen Supreme line.  I had hoped that my swatches and photo's that I took for this review could have shown some of the freshness and prettiness of this color, but alas, it didn't even come close.

This is a big rave review and I want to nominate it to being the best peachy-coral lipstick shade of 2012.  Do you have a favorite peachy lipstick?

Mac's Gotta Dash Supreme Lipstick ($14.50 - 0.12 oz.), which looks as rich and soft and as shiny as a lip gloss has the lasting staying power of a regular lipstick.  Not only does it last a long time, but it also feels amazingly smooth on and remarkably moisturizing and all this without the aggravating stickiness of a lip gloss.

   This  has always been my biggest pet peeve about lip glosses in general.  You can NOT even consider going outside when it's windy with it on because all of your freaking hair will end up on your lips, then your hair will get all gooey and tacky... Argh!   It's just nasty and you end up looking plain silly while it's happening, try looking sexy with 10000 hairs stuck on your lips...No.

Gotta Dash is a medium pigmented, semi Opaque Peachy NUDE, tangerine shade. In case you wondered, it won't make you look like a corpse, the color is simply too  vibrant "in person" for it to look pasty on a person.   I find that most death-like nude lipsticks tend to look like skin color, and no one on the planet has tangerine color skin tone.  Go to the MAC counter and just test it out (isn't shopping for makeup a lot of fun? I can spend hours just swatching at a makeup counter - and this is so off topic lol).

I've heard about this color before and have seen the swatches in the past but I've never been truly impressed.  And I will tell you right now that you wont be impressed with my photo's either.

But listen to me, this color looks 10000 times better in person.  It's one of those unfortunate shades that doesn't show well in photos.

 I don't mean that it looks bad or ugly, but that it looks like your typical nude shade with a hint of peach  *snore*.  This is the MAIN reason why I've been mostly "meh" about this lipstick in the past, but in reality it's phenomenal!

 I've chosen to use a dark brownish nude lip pencil - Stila Contour 4 - with this lipstick because it makes my lips look fuller and I feel that it create more of a dimension to the lips with a shade like Gotta Dash.  I applied it using my favorite lip brush - Royal & Langickel c601.

Photo's below:  I'm not wearing my circle lens (color contacts), or fake lashes, and most of my foundation has  worn off...

Stila Lipliner Contour and Gotta Dash MAC peachy lipstick

Stila Contour 4 Lip liner - Bottom - Gotta Dash Mac Lipstick swatched

 With FLASH -- top: Stila Contour 4 Lip liner - Bottom - Gotta Dash Mac Lipstick <3

Surprisingly, this photo with flash is more of a true match than the photos I took in room lighting.

MAC Lipstick in GOTTA DASH Reviewed and Swatched, Coral Peachy Shade
No Flash with bad room lighting - top: Stila Contour 4 Lip Liner - Bottom - Gotta Dash Mac Lipstick

MAC Lipstick in GOTTA DASH  packaging

Wearing MAC Lipstick in GOTTA DASH peachy coral
 The grimace on my face is from all the fail photos I took tonight.

  MAC  GOTTA DASH Sheen Supreme Lipstick  worn on the lips
 Out of focus look

Gotta Dash MAC lipstick reviewed, photo and swatched and worn on lips
Look at my fucking ARM's HUGE!!  And in this photo I'm BALDING and could use some Rogaine for women, talk about a HORRIBLE, horrible photo haha...Y'know you're an old fart when things  like this no longer bother you (as much) and you find it funny instead...

Gotta Dash  lipstick worn on puckered lips
Lip Pucker - No flash
None of these photo's showed the true beauty of this color *sigh*, and I seriously should have blended my lip liner better.. 

Color: 5
Texture: 5
Longevity: 4
Price: 3
Packaging: 3
Repeat Buy: Yes

 Thanks for reading!! Go buy this lipstick!!

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  3. hahaha totally know what you mean about lip glosses and wind...soo annoying! the coral shade is really cute. looks like it would be really versatile! :)

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