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TEMPORARY TATTOO MAKEUP? Tony Moly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow Review Swatch

TonyMoly 7 days Tattoo EyeBrow Review SwatchSo this Korean cosmetic brand, Tony Moly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow , written "tatoo" Eyebrow on the pencil (no, that's not a typo on my part), claims to work like a temporary tattoo makeup on the eyebrows and last for 3~7 days, and here is my review/thoughts on that.

I'm just going to get right to the point.  Hell, no.  This is NOT a temporary tattoo makeup by any stretch, the staying power is actually quite laughable....  With THAT said, shockingly enough, this is still a repurchase item for me and a "must item" in my kit at that Read on to  hear why.

Eyebrows take important place in determining an impression of one’s face. Women always cover their face with makeup and draw beautiful eyebrows on their thin and ugly eyebrows to look neat and clean. However, when makeup is erased, what are you going to do with that half eyebrow or ‘Mona Lisa’s’ eyebrow? ’7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow’ will solve this problem for you. Be an eyebrow beauty by tattoo type eyebrow that you can easily draw without pain and it lasts for a week.
1. Fill the eyebrow with elastic brush of ‘7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow’ on completely dry eyebrow after facial wash. (drawing on makeup does not last long) 2. Draw slightly darker than color you want and fix with a cotton swab before it dries. 3. Drawing 1~2 hours before sleep would be most convenient and after 6 hours, it will completely stuck. Retouch the eyebrow after 3~4 days when color becomes lighter. You can keep the color as if you did semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo.

TEMPORARY TATTOO MakeUp: TonyMoly 7 Days Tatoo/Tattoo Eyebrow Review/Swatch

I went to Gangnam Korea 4 weeks ago on vacation, and as soon as my plane landed, I promptly trotted off to TonyMoly Store just to purchase this item. 

You must first understand how eager I was to try this to understand my disappointment. I flew for 13+ hours straight to get to Korea, my ass was flatter than a Korean pancake and I swear, it must've been asleep the last 6 hours of it - but I simply had to go buy this thing,  so dragging my poor exhausted hubby along, this was the first purchase from Korea....Needless to say, my hopes for this item was...BEYOND high.

So from that day on, hmm 4 weeks - I've tested and tried using it in many different unique ways.....from following their instructions, to not washing my face for 2 days straight (Yup, I went there..) not using a makeup-remover for a week... It all failed.  The minute a drop of water hit, the supposed tattoo eyebrows rinsed off.  I think they intentionally misspelled the word tattoo.. What bullshit! *sigh*

But anyway, I did end up really loving it for another reason.  *smile*

This eyebrow pen must be the most natural looking eyebrow pencil/pen/shadow that I've EVER used.  The consistency is like watercolor paint.  Sheer and delicate. 

 These only come in 2 colors.  Natural Brown and Dark Brown.  I'm wearing the "Dark Brown" below.

Photo taken in front of a window, in direct sun light, no flash (Bloody hell, no idea why I look so blue)
Tony Moly 7 days eyebrow tattoo Dark Brown Swatch photo review

Another no flash photo - this one is kinda fuzzy, sorry! (do you see why I didn't join Instagram? lol)
TEMPORARY TATTOO MakeUp: Tony Moly 7 Days Tato Eyebrow Dark Brown swatch pic

With Flash (Its my errand day, I'm wearing my 5min makeup look AKA old house wife laundry day look haha!)
TEMPORARY TATTOO MakeUp: Korean Tony Moly 7 Days Tato Eyebrow Dark Brown swatch with flash

 Shown as comparison: On another day, wearing my usual Stila Eyebrow "shadow" Duo in Dark with Flash. I'm circle lens'd, with eyes & brows fully dolled up.
Queen Honey circle lens - Stila Duo Eyebrow shadow

As you can see, the TonyMoly 7 Days Eyebrow Pencil leaves behind a very soft hazy,  shadowy cast, even more natural than the eyebrow "shadow".   It's simply brilliant!   However, because it's subtle, you won't be able to create those strong, bold, dark eyebrows (Megan Fox) if that's your thing with this eyebrow pencil.

The tip in this eyebrow pen is so sharp and bendable/flexible that you can easily draw in any size hair to fill in your brows.

photo of Tonymoly 7 days tattoo eyebrow tip  close up

No Flash - room lighting - Swatched
photo of Tony moly 7 days tattoo eyebrow no flash swatch

No Flash - room lighting swatch
photo of Tony Moly 7 days tattoo eyebrow makeup no flash drawn swatch dark brown

No Flash swatch, in direct sunlight showing off all of my glorious fine lines to the world!
photo of Tony Moly 7 days tattoo eyebrow makeup no flash in sunlight drawn swatch

With Flash........................................LOL?
bad photo of TonyMoly eyebrow swatch

If you squint really, really hard, you might be able to see it!.................................................

  • Does not break me out or irritate my super sensitive skin.
  • The most natural ashy brown shades. 
  • The MOST natural looking eyebrow pencil/pen - makes you look like your brows are all yours, girls!
  • Photographs beautifully.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Perfect for K-drama makeup looks - AKA no makeup, makeup looks.

  • Every time I read "tatoo" on the pen, I feel irritated.
  • Only comes in 2 shades.  (however, since it's so light and translucent,Natural should work on blondes)
  • Does not last 3~7 Days as they claim. !@#$
  • If you like your brows looking more drawn, you might find this just a tad "too natural". 

 In conclusion, despite the (hugely effing annoying) false advertisement, I would still repurchase the Tony Moly's "TEMPORARY TATTOO " *rolls eyes* 7 Days Tatoo Eyebrow. The color payoff and how natural it looks on everyone will keep me a repeat buyer.

4 out of 5 stars.  Thumbs up from me! :) 

You can find/buy this Korean makeup through Korean cosmetic stores/grocery or  here on eBay. Hopefully someone will start carrying it on Amazon soon.

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  1. That does look natural!I want it but I think I have something fairly similar to it. I have the Milani brow tint pen in brown. I actually don't use that too much but it does leave nice natural marks that I think can appear like hair. It sucks that this thing doesn't last long...and that they didn't bother to figure out how to spell tattoo correctly before doing the pen packaging but oh wellll.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Jacky! I hope I can use it though... I'm careful of their products because I have sensitive skin. Example: I can't use their Liquid'eye Pencil (I'm sure I'm butchering the name) because it makes my eyes water like crazy, but I'll try the brow liner just to see. :) xo

  2. great review! looks pretty.

  3. This is a really great review, you provide so much detail!
    It's good that it's natural looking! I'm always upset when companies advertise something that's so far from what the product actually is though.


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