Saturday, July 7

DIY Ombre Hair Color Extensions Dip Dye Tutorial - Part 2

Ombre Dip Dye Hair Color Clip Ins
Ombre, also known as Dip Dye Hair Color, Clip-Ins attached  (I used my mannequin's head)

Before Ombre Dip Dye Hair Color Clip Ins applied

Before Ombre Clip-Ins 
I'll post more photos at the end of this tutorial. 

PART 2 :  Attaching the Wig Clips

Part 2, which is merely attaching the Wig Clips and Sewing .  Part 1 is here (dying process).

Items needed for Do It Yourself Ombre Dip Dye Hair Color

You will need:
Wig Clips ( in the color of your natural hair color/ or root color)
100%  Human weave/hair
Thick Weaving Thread (but you can use any thread, no need to get all pro)
Sewing Know-how

How to sew the Ombre Dip Dye Extension Hair

 Fold the extension strips over once and sew it shut (layering it to make it thicker).

Ombre Extension Sewing Hair

(I hope no professional tailor is reading this *embarrassed*)

Dip Dye Hair Color Sewing in Wig Clips with a Needle

Next, we attach the wig clips.  Make sure to get it in your natural hair shade, and if they don't have it in yours, simply use a nail polish in your color to cover the clips with.  :-)

Wig Clips Sewn into Ombre Hair Color extensions
We're going to attach one on each end of the extensions. On small pieces you would sew 2, on the wider ones, at least 3, or even 4, depending on how firmly you want them to stay on.   Just remember, the more you add, more bulkier it will feel.

Pretty DIY Ombre Dip Dye Hair completed

 Finally, we're all done!

Ideally, you would use the same color (Wig Clips ), but the sales woman who mailed these made a mistake (or she was color blind). 

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Take care, guys~ <3

More Photos, if you'd like to see it on a real person, I'm wearing it in my photo here (part 1 of this tutorial)! :-)

Ombre dip dye image without a camera flash

without flash

Ombre dip dye image with a camera flash

with flash

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I'm wearing the Ombre Clip-ons in this tutorial. ;)


  1. wow these turned out great, I'm addicted to extensions and have three older packs that are not being used I'm definitely going to try this! I love ombre hair but my natural hair isn't quite long enough so these will be perfect <3

  2. If you end up doing them, you better come post some pics, I'd love to see!


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